Dover Tourism

Dover is the gateway to England and home to attractions such as Dover Castle and the Bronze Age boat, besides the White Cliffs.

In the past years, an average of 3.4 million people chose Dover for a day trip and 500,000 people chose to stay overnight as well. Most of the visitors are domestic but increasingly Dover is visited by foreigners as well.

It is no wonder that Dover is a more sought-after destination because there are plenty of things to do for a visitor here.

Dover by ctrlaltdileep

The Dover Castle is one of England’s most visited castles and it had a major defense role in the country’s history.

Dover Castle
Photo by Richard Clark

Located just outside Dover, the South Foreland Lighthouse is one of the few surviving Victorian lighthouses in England. South Foreland was the first lighthouse to use an electric light. It was also the first lighthouse to receive a ship to shore message.

Dover Lighthouse and White Cliffs
Photo by Klaus Wagensonner

The Dover Museum was founded in 1836 and hosts an archaeology gallery displaying artifacts from the Bronze Age until 1066 AD. On the second floor of the museum, the Dover Bronze Age boat is displayed.